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Craig Lindvahl was the first Facilitator in the CEO program (based in Effingham llinois, 2008) and went on to become the first Executive Director of the Midland Institute.

Today, the CEO program has expanded to over 56 communities in 7 different states. Illini Prairie CEO is just one of the many awesome programs! Thousands of students have graduated from the program, and even more have been impacted through Lindvahls legacy.

Lindvahl's book, Things You Wish You Knew Yesterday, is considered an essential part of the CEO program. Although there is no real "textbook" in the CEO program, as Lindvahl believed in a hands-on approach to learning, we will utilize and reflect on many of Lindvahls "life lessons" throughout our year.

Don't worry, 2022-2023 students! You will each get your own copy at the start of the 2022-2023 year!

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