"I'm in the business of worst case scenario." - Amanda Glazebrook

This morning we traveled to Sullivan to meet with Amanda Glazebrook, Risk Manager & Compliance Officer at Transport Services of Sullivan. Transport Services of Sullivan has 32 trucks transporting fuel and hazardous materials around the country.

As Risk Manager and Compliance Officer, "I am constantly monitoring," says Glazebrook. Her responsibilities include onboarding new hires, handling all of the paperwork for licensure and permits, ensuring compliance with state safety standards, and protecting against litigation.

We learned about the safety restrictions in place for truckers, including governors on speed, limited operating hours, and the use of cameras in the trucks. Glazebrook also touched on the various types of insurance trucking companies carry: auto liability, general liability, cargo and pollution.

Glazebrook emphasized the importance of communication. "It's very important in any industry, but especially in trucking." A quick response, even when you don't have the answer, can go a long way with employees and customers.

Some of her best business advice for us: "Listen more than talk. Your people sometimes have the answer." Listen to your employees that are actually out there; they might know a better way.

As a member of the Sullivan Friends of Academics and Athletics organization, Glazebrook also spoke on the importance of giving back in the community, and fundraising.

With our upcoming trivia night and auction, she gave us advice on how to ask for donations in small communities where businesses are hit up often.

"The worst they can say is 'no'," she reminded us.

Thank you, Amanda Glazebrook, for taking time this morning to share your experience and advice with us! We learned a lot about the trucking industry, and now have a better plan for asking for donations.

And thank you to Zak Horn and Metro Communications in Sullivan for letting us use the conference room. We will see you again next week!

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