Elijah Fenton

About Me

Hello, my name is Elijah Fenton. I'm a senior at Sullivan High School. I play football as a center and am also in the AP History Club. After graduation, I want to have my own business. I joined CEO because I've always wanted to start my own company and be my own boss. My school counselor told me about CEO and told me how great this program was. 


I’m ready to learn all I can about starting my own business and am very excited for this year!


About My Business

VIP Clothing is an exclusive online store that provides fashionable, casual, but yet affordable clothing products. We provide all of our customers with fast shipping, weekly discounted products and an organized website, making it easy to find anything in our store. At VIP Clothing we strive to build personal customer relations in our customer service department so if you have any questions, or concerns we can connect you with one of our team members right away.






DISC Characteristics

  • Can be sufficiently assertive. Competitive and makes quick decisions.
  • Enjoys helping others. Gregarious and outgoing.
  • Stays cool and calm under pressure. Works well with others.
  • Rebellious. Remains open to creating and trying new ideas.