Kaci Beachy

About Me

 My name is Kaci Beachy and I am a senior at Arthur Lovington Atwood Hammond Highschool. I am a member of FCA, FFA, and a freshman mentor. I participate in two sports: high school softball, high school basketball, and also with a travel softball team. I am excited to learn more about what makes the businesses around me successful and take that into consideration for my own business.

“I cannot wait to use CEO as an opportunity to grow and learn more about the ‘real world’ than what an average high school class would teach!”

About My Business

K.B. Boutique is a rural, agriculture-based boutique that provides products, in support of the jobs and lifestyles that keep the world running. The company operates in a relaxed, vintage style to help customers feel at home. K.B. Boutique markets all of its own designs and its logo on clothing, accessories, and stationery. The boutique emphasizes memorable connections with a western way of advertising and style.






DISC Characteristics

  • Prefers time to analyze new ideas/concepts before implementing. Calculated risk-taker. Hesitant to share ideas.
  • Prefers to work alone. Reflective, rather than talkative. Convincing.
  • Relax and open approach to work. Very patient and has an excellent calming influence on team.
  • Detail-oriented. Prefers structured work environments.